Rujani Artisanal Whole Leaf Teas are lovingly and skilfully crafted by the 'Good Earth' and perfected by 120 years of tea-making tradition.

Rujani Artisanal Whole Leaf Teas, each tender bud and leaf holds within, the energy of the five elements. Every White, Green & Black Tea's, tender bud and leaf unfurls gently in your cup one last time, before liberating its soul.

Come discover the magic of Rujani Teas in every sip, in every cup!


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Customer ReviewS


Pierre W. Johnson

Trilingual ecological economist, Transition & Cooperation

06 Sep,2017

The silky silver needle is subtle and excellent. Is it authentic white tea or a green tea ?  I am back to work since 10 days, after a month in China and 10 days in Portugal. The period is a bit intense, but tea is definitely part of it.

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Manoj D Archibald

Tea Planter ; T.C. Tea and enterprises P Ltd

06 Sep,2017

Exotica flat whole leaf and Assamica bai cha. Gave 15 seconds wake up time and first brew 4 mts. Second brew 3 mts. Eexotica flat whole leaf had a Vegetative aroma, tastes mellow with sweet after taste. Assamica Bai cha was more like a mild black tea liquor was smooth sweet after taste. Both teas gave different experience. Texture of both the teas was nice.

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06 Sep,2017

This Assam Tippy Reserve tea brews a fantastic, heady liqueur. The deep golden yellow colored liqueur has a prominent malty note, with a sweetish nose of cooked black, sun-kissed raisins bordering on the wondrous. The tea leaves can stand a second steep, a slight toning down of the aroma alone happens. True value and a must have tea!

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