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Rujani Tea sources its single origin tea from the Aideobari Tea Estates, situated on the banks of the River Teok, which meanders its way down from the Naga Hills to the south of the farm, and then flows north to the tributaries of the mighty Brahmaputra river in Assam, India.

The exact geo-coordinates of the estate are 27.0460976°N, 95.0723523°E, which we use in all our packaging to denote our product traceability.Teok River

Teok River flows by the side of Section No 30 at Aideobari, the section from where we get the leaf for our award winning Tippy Reserve

It was in this exact location that the founding fathers of Aideobari Tea Estates planted the first few rows of tea in the year 1897.

For over hundred and twenty two years and through four generations, the farmer-founders have been keepers of tradition. They were pioneers then, they are explorers now!

Rujani Tea has been innovating to develop a range of whole leaf teas with a driving philosophy to reintroduce the ‘original way’ of making, brewing and enjoying tea. Tea was never meant to be drunk with milk. History records, milk was added to protect the delicate porcelain that our favourite brew was poured into.

Rujani Tea has been in the forefront of tea research, be it with TOCKLAI the oldest tea research institute in the world or other institutions of pre-eminence. At Rujani Tea, innovation is not merely a buzzword, it is a responsibility we take seriously.

Along with furthering the quest to innovate, Rujani has always focussed on sustainability with a firm commitment to nurturing the land that the tea grows in and also ensuring that the community that helps to produce the special teas, is well looked after.

rujani tea trustea certified

Aideobari Tea Estates is certified by

To that end, Aideobari Tea Estates, endeavoured to certify itself through the trustea framework, which is an Indian sustainability code and verification system for the tea sector, enabling you to be sure of the tea that you buy is produced according to agreed, credible, transparent and measurable criteria.

The teas we grow are the teas we sell. At Rujani Tea we take immense pride in growing and nurturing our teas. Like true farmers we at Rujani Tea have taken every possible care to ensure that the soil, the tea plants and the environment is kept healthy and pristine, and the people are cared for.

Rujani Tea’s collection of artisanal teas are grown in its tea farms and processed in our very own tea factory located in the tea farm. The team at the farms and the factory work hand in hand as partners, to bring to reality, the shared vision of Aideobari and Rujani Tea.

Team Aideobari

Team Aideobari
We aspire to be a tea brand of choice and without any intermediary: direct from our tea farms in Assam to your cup.
Rujani Tea invites you to explore its collection of original teas. Teas that are artisanal, made in small batches and that bring you the rich flavours that Assam is famous for.