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Silky Silver Needle

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Weight : 50gm
Color : White
Flavour : N/A
Origin : N/A

White Teas are extremely popular in the West and catching up in India due to its the health enhancing attributes. Rujani has been true to this pioneering art form of tea by carefully selecting some unique clones to create this particularly Luxurious White Tea.

Product Description

Known as 'Bai Hao Yinzhen', Silver Needles is produced from the picked leaf shoots (the buds). This is the most expensive and highly valued white tea as only the tops of the buds of the tea tree is used to produce silver needles.

Customer Reviews

  • 5

    Purchaser Review
    Review by sreevatsava on Mar-21-2017
    It would have been nice if we can track the order. The order update was late in the online track.
  • 5

    subtle and excellent.
    Review by Pierre W. Johnson on 2017-09-06
    The silky silver needle is subtle and excellent. Is it authentic white tea or a green tea ?  I am back to work since 10 days, after a month in China and 10 days in Portugal. The period is a bit intense, but tea is definitely part of it.
  • 5

    Purchaser Review
    Review by sreevatsava on Apr-16-2018
    Nice Aroma.

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