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Rare. Revered. Artisanal.

The pride of Rujani Tea is our Signature Series. They are truly the rarest of the rare. Every once in a while, we at Rujani make our Signature Teas. Our Signature Teas are a true collaboration of man and nature. When all the magic of nature and the artistry of man come together in a fine composition that Rujani Signature Teas are born.

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  1. Moon Tea Golden
    Moon Tea Golden

    Glowing / Romantic / Evening

    INR 200 | 50g

  2. Black Pearl Tea
    Out of Stock
    Black Pearl Tea

    Sparkling / Energising / Morning

    INR 300 | 50g

  3. Moon Tea Silver
    Moon Tea Silver

    Medium / Relaxing / Evening

    INR 150 | 50g

  4. Smoky Ecstasy
    Smoky Ecstasy

    Strong / Energising / Evening

    INR 100 | 50g

  5. Silver Pearl
    Out of Stock
    Silver Pearl

    Refreshing / Energising / All day

    INR 250 | 50g

  6. Exotica Flat Whole Leaf
    Exotica Flat Whole Leaf

    Refreshing / Energising / All day

    INR 300 | 100g

  7. Silky Silver Needle
    Silky Silver Needle

    Refreshing / Calming / All day

    INR 400 | 50g

  8. Golden Tea
    Golden Tea

    Refreshing / Energising / All day

    INR 500 | 50g

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