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120 years in the making.


Tea was never meant to be drunk with milk. History records, milk was added to protect the delicate porcelain. Even more interesting- the beginnings of ‘chai’. Chai, the popular Indian beverage is anything but tea; original tea.

Rujani Tea’s driving philosophy is to reintroduce the ‘original way’ of making, brewing and enjoying tea. Rujani Tea invites you to explore its collection of original teas. Teas inspired by 5000 years of experience and expertise. Teas, that have a story to tell. Teas, that are whole leaf, teas that are unique in taste and flavour. Teas that surprise. Teas that come in blacks, whites, greens and signatures.


The year 1897, the farmer-founders of Rujani Tea set up Aideobari Tea Estates. Since then for four generations the farmer-founders have been keepers of tradition. They were pioneers then, they are explorers now!

Rujani Tea has been innovating to develop a range of whole leaf teas. Teas that are artisanal, teas that are made in small batches, teas that are rich in flavours. Rujani Tea has been in the forefront of tea research, be it with TOKLAI the oldest Tea Research Institute in the world or other institutions of pre-eminence. At Rujani Tea tradition is not merely a buzzword, it is a responsibility we take seriously.


The teas we grow are the teas we sell. At Rujani Tea we take immense pride in growing and nurturing our teas. Like true farmers we at Rujani Tea have taken every possible care to ensure that the soil, the tea plants and the environment is kept healthy and pristine.

Rujani Tea’s collection of artisanal teas are grown in its twin gardens of Aeideobari Tea Estate and Rangajan Tea Estate, located in the Brahmaputra Valley of Assam, India. What’s more, Rujani artisanal teas are made in small batches in our very own factories located in the tea farms. We at Rujani bring Grower’s Pride Teas at Grower’s Prices.