About Us

Rujani Tea is an e-commerce brand of speciality teas that was launched by the Director of Aideobarie Tea Estates Private Limited, Raj Barooah. The exciting and enthralling world of artisan and hand crafted Rujani Teas is brought to the tea lovers of the world by Raj who joined his father, Madhurjya to be a part of his family's tea business in1991.

From the onset, he witnessed in despair the grand commoditisation of tea in Assam and India as a whole. The Tea lovers that he met across the world talked about the intricacies of other variants of tea but never about his native teas from Assam(Camellia sinensis var. Assamica). He knew that the soils of Assam had its own terrain. The original Assam tea jat or cultivar belonged to this very soil.

After travelling to all the major tea growing regions of the world, Raj has developed manufacturing techniques and protocols to create some of the most exquisite and deliciously fine teas. He considers Rujani, as one of his children dedicated for the tea lovers across the globe.

The Vision of this family and thereby Rujani is to give to the world's tea lovers the most exquisitely and finely crafted teas. With the Mission being to give back a good life to all the stake holders involved in the fulfilment of Rujani's vision.

Historically Assam produced the orthodox or leafy tea and its full bodied and rich aroma was enjoyed the world over. However since in the 1950s, the black granular crush, tear, curl (CTC) variety of tea grew in popularity in the Indian domestic market and since the late 1980s tea consumption grew as rapidly as the country's economy. But these trends also lead to the commoditisation of the tea trade in Assam.
Rujani explores to break this trend and to give back to its drinkers a subtle finesse of Assam's Tea specially crafted by artisans!!!