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A way of life


At Rujani Tea sustainability begins with being a friend to Mother Earth. It is with her active collaboration that we have been able to nurture and maintain the quality of the soil. And nature has returned goodness with goodness. At Rujani Tea for over 120 years we have worked with Nature, every step of the way. We have worked with her to keep the soil conditions healthy and happy. We have ensured that the soil has had the opportunity to rejuvenate itself naturally. We have been Earth’s Friend because we believe that humankind can ’ENJOY WITHOUT EXPLOITING’.


We at Rujani Tea has always believed that collaboration is the key to success. Rujani Tea is engaged with not just the tea farming community, but institutions of higher learning and research on tea and tea technology. One of the stated objectives of Rujani Tea is to collaborate for the betterment of communities Rujani interacts with directly or indirectly. Every collaboration that is based on mutual respect, mutual social goals and mutually agreed upon plan to achieve them in a time bound manner.


At Rujani sustainability is integral to everything we do. There is no contradiction between sustainability and good business; on the contrary, sustainability is a prerequisite for good business. Nature is our most important resource. It is our livelihood and where we farm, nurture and feel good. We live on a fantastic planet, and we intend to do everything we can to save and improve it! Our sustainability work begins with asking the following questions: Does this tea deserve to exist? Will our teas last long enough? Are our teas adding value? Will our teas be a lifelong companion? Do we add anything unnecessary to our teas?