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Black Teas


An Original From Assam

Rujani Original Black Teas are lovingly picked, the oxidation process is carefully nurtured to ensure the formation of theaflavins and thearubigins, that gives its rich, full bodied flavour and golden colour.

We at Rujani emphasise on the subtle nuances of our black teas. Our decades of tea-making expertise we are able to retain the ‘soul’ of an unbroken tea shoot. The result a cup of black orthodox tea which is invigorating, fresh, flavoursome and boldly robust.

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  1. Tippy Reserve
    Tippy Reserve

    Sparkling / Light / Robust / Afternoon

    INR 170 | 100g

  2. Emerald Tea
    Emerald Tea

    Sparkling / Robust / Morning

    INR 200 | 100g

  3. Royale Golden CTC
    Royale Golden CTC

    Rich / Strong / Robust / All day

    INR 150 | 250g

  4. Wonder Tea
    Wonder Tea

    Rich / Robust / All Day

    INR 300 | 100g

  5. Premium Orthodox
    Premium Orthodox

    Rich / Robust / All Day

    INR 200 | 100g

  6. Assamica Premium Orthodox
    Assamica Premium Orthodox

    Rich / Full-bodied / Morning / Afternoon

    INR 250 | 100g

  7. Muscatel Whole Leaf
    Muscatel Whole Leaf

    Light / Aromatic / All Day

    INR 300 | 100g

  8. Morning Special
    Morning Special

    Strong / Full Bodied / Morning

    INR 200 | 100g

  9. Whole Leaf CTC
    Whole Leaf CTC

    Strong / Full-bodied / All day the way you like it

    INR 150 | 100g

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